Message from the Board Chair

October! To me, this is the month it seems the holidays really begin. I suppose it has to do with the business I am in. As a Spa and retail owner this is when the “events” start to pick up for us to “showcase” our products and services.  Yes, we go to other venues or have people come to ours and we give mini treats of our services, the beginning of gearing up for the holidays begin.  October is also the month where there are lots of matters to be aware of.  As in, such and such awareness month, week, day! Here are a few of the many to watch for.

Breast Cancer Awareness, did you know, according to this, the Women's Health Initiative Cohort Study.  As little as two and a half hours per week of brisk walking can reduce the risk of breast cancer by as much as 18%?  That might not sound like a lot when you are comparing the percentage to some things however, when it comes to reducing the risk of breast cancer you may find me walking a little a little more, shall I say it, briskly!

Domestic Violence and National Bullying Prevention Month: Both of these have been in the news more this year it seems than ever before, which of course is very unfortunate.  In my opinion, these both have some similarities. They can both be verbal and physical in their abuse and both of these affect self-esteem, fear, and physical symptoms as well. I know both of these have been around for many years as I have witnessed both and we all know I’m old however, my hope is, this is the month that abusers  recognize and get help to change their behavior.

October 5th (this year it falls on Sunday) is also the month of; World Teachers Day which started in 1994.Every August with great success and appreciation from the teachers, the Chamber hosts The New Teacher Breakfast to show our appreciation of their hard work and dedication. This is another great opportunity for you to show your appreciation on a personal level, (and to support your local businesses) and whether you purchase a greeting card from Office Dynamics (2 for a $1.00) or try Lady Ashley for a specialty gift, and…. If you’re thinking apples, forget the plain old red or green or even candied apples, don’t get me wrong, these are great and good for you but, Please… you have GOT to visit Flowers to Eat for their Gourmet Apples, Confetti Apple or Totally Tulip are my top two!  Visit: for more business ideas.

The first Friday of October each year marks World Smile Day, a day to do one act of kindness and make someone crack a smile! Created in 1999 by Harvey Ball, remember the yellow smiley face, yep! That was his creation.  If I had my druthers, this day would be every day however, I don’t get my druthers and I guess that is not reality!

Of course, Halloween I imagine is the day most people think of when October comes. Trick or Treat! Treat, Treat, Treat that is much more fun. However, there are some Tricksters we need to be aware of. Here are a few tips: Know your child’s route if you will not be accompanying them for the evening.  Unfortunately, as uncomfortable as this is, we must be aware of Sexual Predators. We are not always aware of where they might be living.  One of the things you can do is go to your state registry for sexual predators and put in your zip code or the area your child will be in. It will show the predators in that area, and their address. As in most of these things to be aware of Safety is Key! So please Be Safe!

Until next month may you have Rich Blessings and Great Success,

Charlee Hall
Board Chair, Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce