Message from the Board Chair

I had someone ask me why I decided my current career path as a licensed esthetician. I have always been interested in skin care and the beauty industry. A school in my area decided to have an esthetics program, so of course, I jumped in on the opportunity! At our classes, we would have models come in for us to practice on and hone our skills. A girl in particular, who had acne, was my model and I asked the instructor at the time how she could control her skin condition. Since we were still in training, the instructor told us we were not going to be able to give them advice and that we were only to use them as a model. I'll always remember that.

When I opened my business, I decided I was going to provide solutions for age management acne treatments and rosacea. I help my clients be the best image of themselves while educating them on how to maintain and achieve good skin health. Skin health is science, not magic.

Debra Neal
Feelin’ & Lookin’ Good
Board Chair