Message from the Board Chair

August 13, 2015 will be an evening I will always remember fondly, as it began my journey as Chairmen of Board of Directors.   It has been an amazing journey!

It has indeed been an honor to serve a community that not only holds so many childhood memories for me but is also now the very place in which I represent a business.   Serving as Board Chair came with various responsibilities, all of which I took very seriously.   Here are a few things I’ve been passionate about and/ or discovered along my journey.

First and foremost, this is not a “lone ranger” position!  A Board Chair represents a group of people and serves the community together with all the members of the Board.   I have been fortunate in my term as Chair to work with a wonderful group of people who care for and are passionate about our business community.   I am immensely grateful for each person on the board and their commitment to serving our community in this capacity.  A great board is one where all members have a voice, work together to establish a positive culture and make sure it is true to its vision/mission.   I have been blessed to serve on a board such as this.

Secondly, as a board we must have a clear understanding of who we are, our expectations and how we function.  Thus, we worked together on creating a current and more clearly defined set of By-laws.   Also, a board must be true to its vision and mission in effort to provide added value to the businesses which we represent.  Every matter considered and decision made by the board should have this vison/mission in mind.  I am honored to have served on a board such as this. 

Thirdly, the chair must wear an extra layer of skin on his journey.  This isn’t a negative statement-- it’s simply reality.  There will be people who do not embrace change and that is okay.   When change is   indicated it is necessary to explain the need, listen, be open to opposing views and build consensus -   which I am thankful to say has been the process taken during my term.  We should never stand still in fear of change.   I am grateful to have served as Chair with Board members who are willing to make changes when it has been deemed necessary for the greater good. 

Last but not least, effective leadership relays on a great support system.   Lee and Kara work tirelessly in our Chamber office and passionately for the community as a whole. They make us all look good!  With their unyielding support, the support of each board member and the support and encouragement I have received from many of our Chamber members - while I am sad that my time has gone by so quickly -  I will be forever thankful for this part of my journey.   I sincerely hope that you have been pleased with my efforts, passion and commitment as Board Chair.    I hope that my monthly articles (albeit long!) have provided you with some helpful insight in your day to day business operations.    

As this part of my journey comes to an end, the focus on our mission remains a constant role of the board and its chair, yet how they fulfill and advance the mission, must be a fluid process.   I am excited for Sheron Bass to soon take the position as she will continue to press us forward within the vision/mission of the Great Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you all for trusting me to serve as your Chairperson for the GTTCC Board of Directors it has truly been an honor.

I have enjoyed the journey!   

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

Carmen Fisher, Board Chair