Message from the Board Chair

Hello fellow Chamber members! Happy Thanksgiving, the time we get to over indulge with turkey, dressing and my favorite PUMPKIN everything! Or is it everything PUMPKIN?  Well, no matter how you say it there is always PUMPKIN involved. After that, there is Black Friday and from that point forward for most of us, it is game on with the shopping and spending. So, let’s talk about shopping local and what that means for your community!

I’m thinking I’m not the only one that loves chain stores but imagine driving down 56th Street or Fowler Avenue or the area you live in and there were the only businesses standing. No small businesses around, when we bring small businesses to the community they say… “This is a great place to shop local!”

The Greater Temple Terrace area is home to many great specialty boutiques and mom and pop shops. I for one think it is great to have people say, “Let’s go to that shop here, it can’t be found anywhere else!” This is what makes our community a great place to shop local. I believe our community is changing and there are more businesses to attract people to shop in the Greater Temple Terrace area and we can encourage more small businesses to open here.

Of every dollar spent at a locally owned business compared to a nationally owned business, approximately 30 cents MORE stays right here in our local community! 

I suggest that we all stay aware and think how will spending some of your dollars at a local store,  help that business keep their doors open and how you could be a part of keeping your community Alive and Healthy!  

Rich Blessings to all and Happy ThanksGiving!

Charlee Hall
Board Chair, Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce