Message from the Board Chair

October brought us some great chamber and community events.  Such as: Temple Terrace Night Out, Temple Terrace Reads, the First Annual Golf Tournament and a Chamber Luncheon where our guest speaker Jerry Seeber, TT City Manager shared with us some exciting things in our community that are happening and are anticipated to happen.   Also, in October we introduced our new Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce Logo. 

Some may still be wondering “why a new logo?”  The short answer is “brand recognition!”  Ultimately we want the prominence of the Temple Terrace Tower to become widely recognizable within our community, our networking groups and the greater business community at large.

What is the significance of “the tower”?  Not unlike London’s Big Ben Clock Tower, Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Temple Terrace Tower also has a story.    

Based on an interview of Rachel Rodgers of LA Designs, Inc. In 2000, the City commissioned a Gateway study to look at signage for the entrance to the City. Commissioners Fran Barford and Joe Motto determined they would like to have a symbol that reflected the history of Temple Terrace and incorporated the old City gates into the design. 

Rachel Rodgers, a local business woman and owner of LA Design, a landscape architecture firm was hired to envision the project.  Her vision for the distinctive tower which has become the Chamber’s logo was inspired by a vacation to Niagara Falls and the Canadian communities surrounding that area where she noticed that each community had its’ own distinctive tower featured on the main street running through the community.   Ms. Rodgers called a friend of hers, Don Cooper, an architect with Cooper Johnson Smith Engineering, to help her with this Gateway project.  Mr. Cooper provided some preliminary sketches of towers for the project along with signage that could be placed throughout the City that complemented the tower.

The goal of all involved in this project was to design a city scape that causes visitors to the community to slow down and look at the community around them.  By using repetitive themes throughout the city – the acorn lighting fixtures, the Mediterranean revival architecture and the tile roofing – the history of the City is represented and carries the message to visitors that this is a community that cares.  The tower, which is the focal point of the design is taken directly from the old city gates.  These repeating themes can be found from Fowler Avenue starting at Riverhills Drive on the City’s northern boundary to Riverhills and 56th Street at the City’s southern boundary.  Since this city scape has been implemented, Temple Terrace City Council and the City Government have worked cooperatively to not only maintain, but to expand this theme.  This project is a success story of envisioning a dream, cooperatively working together to realize it, and being committed to sustaining it.So there you have it!

The story and significance of the Temple Terrace Tower and the reason for it being the focal point of our logo.  I want to thank Rachel Rodgers, LA Designs for telling us this story of the Temple Terrace Tower and to Sheron Bass, Board Chair Elect for conducting the interview with Ms. Rodgers.

November brings more opportunities to get involved in Chamber events and in our community be sure to check out our events calendar.  It is also the month of Thanksgiving and I hope that every one of you have much for which you are thankful. 

Carmen Fisher
Board Chair