Message from the President

"May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right."
Peter Marshall

              I recently had the opportunity to travel to China, and experience a culture far different from that of being an American. It was fantastic to see such places as the Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace and the Bund; but the experience also left me incredibly grateful for the freedoms we have as Americans - Freedom to express ourselves without fear, Freedom to get an education, or start a business, and the Freedom to speak and be heard.

              With freedom comes the opportunity to do the right thing. After experiencing a culture so limited in expression, I feel more determined than ever to use my voice to help others find a voice. While doing that, though, I remain aware that with such freedom comes responsibility. In the American age of instant access, I will be practicing, and encouraging others to practice, thoughtful and meaningful expression of thoughts and ideas.

              I encourage each of you to remember our freedoms, and take advantage of them. We have open access to information, so use that freedom to become educated on local issues - attend a council meeting, read more about the local political issues and participate in community events. We have freedom of communication, so I challenge you to reach out to one chamber member you don’t know, and get to know them and their business.

              My goal is to personally meet each and every chamber member, one member at a time.  I’ll start by attending Temple Terrace Reads on October 12, which encourages education through literacy and focuses on the Temple Terrace schools. I’ll also be attending a council meeting (TT City Council meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of the month) and continue to build the partnership between the city and the chamber.

              I wish us all continued freedoms, and look forward to seeing you - out and about in Temple Terrace experiencing them! Watch for me – I’ll be coming by your business.

Jamie Klingman
Bay Drive Sound Studios
Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce Board Chair 2013-2014