Message from the President & CEO

Welcome to March 2015!  Expo month!! This month the Chamber holds its 26th annual Business Expo – Network – Taste event on March 19th from 3-7pm at TPepin’s Hospitality Centre, 4121 N. 50th Street. This is an event you do not want to miss! And, what a great place to practice your new networking skills.  

I am continuing my series of articles about networking (, we are on step five; Know the difference between business networking and personal socializing 

How many times have you been to a “business networking” event and left feeling like you just wasted your time?  It has happened to me many times.  The event was more personal socializing than business networking.   

As the article states "there are many business networking groups that promote they have no structure, no rules, just come and have a good time.  I have found that these are usually people who hide behind the name “business networking” in order to go out and make friends.  It’s not that friendships won’t develop in a structured, professional business networking group, but you have to know how to keep it focused on business.” 

As you attend business networking events, keep in mind you are there for business reasons first.  Keep that purpose in mind and you will get the most out of the event.   

Next month I will cover key point number six, “Don’t try and sell directly to the group.   

I’ll see everyone at the Business Expo!! 

Lee Bell
President / CEO