Message from the President & CEO

The month of May is the Chamber’s annual Student Citizenship Awards luncheon.  This year it is the 50th Student Citizenship Awards luncheon!  WOW!  50th!! 

For the past 50 years, the Chamber has worked with area schools to honor hundreds of outstanding students at this very special awards luncheon.  This year, we will honor over 20 students who exemplify what it is to be a great student and citizen representing their school.  The Chamber invites the student and their parents to be our guest for the luncheon.   

Do you know what it takes to be an award winning Student Citizen?   

Here are a few characteristics: 
·         Obeys the rules
        ·         Respects authority
        ·         Contributes to their school and the community
        ·         Loves their county
        ·         Respects everyone
        ·         Believes in doing what is right
        ·         Stands up for the rights of others
        ·         Tries to serve others before themselves 

A biography of each student is read during the luncheon.  And may I say, they are so impressive!  I am always amazed at the drive and commitment these award winning students have for their school, their education and extracurricular activities, and their community.  It makes me very proud that they are a part of our Greater Temple Terrace community.    

Please do not miss the opportunity to attend our 50th Student Citizenship Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, May 18, 11:30am at the Embassy Suites USF. You will be inspired by these students, our future leaders, who have amazing opportunities ahead of them! 

Lee Bell
President and CEO