Message from the President & CEO

Happy Holidays!  We have made it to the last month of 2014.  Let the cheer begin!

This month, I continue my series of articles about networking.  I have been referring to a recent article that listed the seven key points of networking.  Here again is the link to the article:   

 Last month we talked about point number one, which is “Brand Yourself”.  This month let’s talk about point number two, Avoid Cliques”.

What is a clique?  Per my handy dandy smart phone dictionary app, a clique is:  “a noun – an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose”.

This definition sounds pretty harmless to me.  So why is point number two “Avoid Cliques”?  What are we avoiding?  Circle of people sounds okay.  Common purpose also sounds good.  After all, we are all business minded folks looking to promote and grow our businesses or organizations. 


So what’s the problem? Very simple, and I am sure you picked up on it right away; the “bad” word in the definition of clique is “exclusive”.  Are we looking to be exclusive when we are networking, or are we looking to inclusive while networking?  Inclusive of course.


If you only network with the same circle of people over and over again, you are being exclusive in your networking activities.  Yes it does help to build rapport and trust, but it does not add to growing your network.

The article states it like this: “Remember fellow entrepreneurs, this is not high school.  Every person in your networking group counts. There may be some people who have similar personality styles to yours but avoid the temptation of spending all your time with just those people.  It’s about building as big of a network as you can and every person in that group is a potential salesperson for your business”.


Keep this in mind next time you are at a networking event.  Branch out. Meet new people. At lunch, sit at a table where you do not know anyone.  Grow your network!  Increase the number of people who know who you are, what you do, and what a good referral is for you.  

Speaking of referrals, this leads me to next month’s topic:  “Perfect Your Elevator Spiel”

This is your thirty second commercial about you, your business, and any other important information you deem vital.  This is a very key point in networking.

Happy Holidays to everyone! 

Lee Bell
President / CEO