Message from the President & CEO

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2018!

In December, I attended a very informative and thought-provoking summit on “Building Cities of the Future”.   The summit included a variety of excellent speakers, panelists, and presenters.  All talking about the near and long-term future of cities. 

The major reoccurring theme was?  Take a guess. CONGRATULATIONS!  You guessed it, TECHNOLOGY!

The level of current and future technology to come is mind boggling!  From smart office buildings, streets, signs, walkways, homes, and even plumbing that provide a ton of information.   

But the one thing that really hit home for me, or more accurately, hit me at the Chamber office, is that planners of the future are “creating collisions.”  To be more accurate, the opportunities for collisions. 

Say what?  Think of collisions as between people, not things.  “Creating Collisions” is the concept of building, creating, planning for, opportunities for people to come together to interact with each other.  These “collisions” can occur in common public spaces, indoors or outdoors, in an office building, at an event space, or even in someone’s home.  All with the goal to create real, in person, face to face, old fashion, person to person interactions.  No technology needed!

Well, guess what? That is exactly what we do at the Chamber. We “Create Collisions!”  The Chamber creates opportunities for real, breathing, walking, talking, people to collide with one another.  It is very refreshing to know that we are “cutting edge” with our Chamber activities.  But, as a Chamber member, you already knew that.

No matter the technology, the need, desire, and drive for in person interaction is a requirement for good health, happiness, and business success.  Of course, the Chamber will continue to use existing and new technology to enhance collision opportunities and to convey helpful information.  But we will never stop “creating collisions” for our memberships and guests.

So, as you start the New Year, think about creating your own opportunities for collisions and make them happen. 

Lee Bell
President and CEO