Message from the President & CEO

Happy May everyone!  The summer is just around the corner, including Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and finally Labor Day!  Let the fun begin! 

This is my last installment on networking.  I have been referring to an article titled; 7 Key Points to Making a Business Networking Group Work for You: 

Brand Yourself
2.      Avoid Cliques
Perfect Your Elevator Spie
l4.      Use your group to build your social media presence and solicit feedback
5.      Know the difference between business networking and personal socializing
6.      Don’t try and sell directly to the group
7.      It takes time to see results from your networking group 

I will address key point number seven this month:  It takes time to see results from your networking group. In the fast paced world we all live in today, we all expected and want quick results.  Do we always get it?  No.  How does that make you feel; defeated, unsuccessful, unhappy, ready to quit?  All of these are natural emotions, but they can be counterproductive in the world of networking. 

Remember, networking is all about building business relationships.  Relationships take work and flourish and grow over time.  You don’t plant a vegetable garden and expect that the next day the corn is going to be ready to harvest.  So, do not join a networking group and expect instant results.  It may happen, it has for me a couple of times, but the norm is it takes time to see the results.  The more you network, the more potential clients will see you and get to know you.  But most importantly, they will be comfortable referring clients to you.  That is to ultimate results from a networking group, referrals!

I wish you the best in your networking efforts!  Keep the 7 key points to making a business networking group work for you in mind as you network.   

A few final last words; do not be afraid to leave a networking group that does not feel right for you.  Your time and energy is too valuable to waste.  There are plenty of excellent networking groups.  Seek out the right one(s) for you! Go network!

Lee Bell
President / CEO