Message from the President & CEO

 Welcome to spring in Florida!  It is kind of hard to tell when spring arrives here, but all the visitors is how I can tell. 

I am continuing my series of articles about networking (, we are on step six; “Don’t try and sell directly to the group 

 Here is a list of the 7 Key Points To Making A Business Networking Group Work for You: 

1.      Brand Yourself
2.      Avoid Cliques
3.      Perfect Your Elevator Spiel
Use your group to build your social media presence and solicit feedback
Know the difference between business networking and personal socializing
6.      Don’t try and sell directly to the group

7.      It takes time to see results from your networking group 

How many time have you been to a networking event and you meet someone for the first time.  They immediately ask you for your business card, hand you their business card and start bombarding you with their sales pitch.  Annoying isn’t it?  Happens to me a lot.   

Yes, I am interested in who they are and what they do.  But let’s start with a pleasant conversation to get to know each other first.  Not a sales pitch.  

“Don’t try and sell directly to the group” means just what it says.  As the article states, “Your fellow business networking members are meant to be your sales team.  You educate them each week on your products and services, building trust and confidence with one another so that when the opportunities arise, qualified referrals will come your way”.

My best business has always come from referrals.  That is what networking is all about! 

Next month I will cover the final key point number seven, “It takes time to see results from your networking group.   

Go network!  Build your referral sales team! 

Lee Bell
President / CEO