Message from the President & CEO

Fourteen years ago, I was in the process of opening my staffing and recruiting business in Hillsborough County.  I was searching for a centrally located place my office.  Temple Terrace was the place I chose.

I was excited about the future of the Temple Terrace Downtown Redevelopment.  I planned on renting space in Temple Terrace with the idea that I would move my offices into the downtown, main street, area when it was completed.  The future looked amazing! Fast forward to 2013, my business was still in the same location as when I opened in 2004. 

I sold by staffing and recruiting business in the spring of 2013 never realizing my dream of moving into “downtown” Temple Terrace.

It is now 2018 and the Temple Terrace redevelopment is a few streets, empty lots, an old empty Burger King, and a town square park.  There have been a few exciting possibilities for the redevelopment area, but nothing has come to fruition.  A developer is in the process of contracting with the city for the front few acres, but this sale process seems to be dragging out longer than necessary.  The longer the delays, the greater the risk this offer not become a reality.

The greater Temple Terrace area is a hot bed of potential.  As I wrote about in last month article, several huge investments are coming.  Yet, Temple Terrace redevelopment does not seem to be on anyone’s radar. 

Several questions come to mind:

Why is Temple Terrace redevelopment not on the radar?

What is Temple Terrace not doing? 

What should we be doing? 

What resources are the city allocating to manage its largest at-risk investment?

What is the marketing plan for the redevelopment area?

Who is the “ambassador” for the City of Temple Terrace redevelopment?

Who is actively speaking on behave of the city to promote redevelopment?

The list of questions can go on and on.  But as time continues to tick away, the future is not as amazing as it once was. 

The potential is there.  The city effort does not seem to be there.

As the President and CEO for the Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce, I am out and about throughout the bay area.  Our Chamber membership is a cross section of area businesses located in Tampa, Temple Terrace, the county, the Bay area, and beyond.   I see, every day, the proactive energy that is occurring in our area.  I want this same energy in Temple Terrace!  And fast! 

As I have said for the 14 years I have been involved in the Chamber, we are here to help.  Use us!  Get us involved!  Include the Chamber in the redevelopment efforts.  Our help is FREE!

Together we can make Temple Terrace the premier business and residential community in the Tampa Bay area.


Lee Bell
President and CEO