Message from the President & CEO

“Chamber members do business with Chamber members”.  Have you heard this statement before?  Of course you have, countless times.  It means that we support our fellow Chamber members by patronizing their businesses.  Simple and straight forward idea, right?  But, I contend we can do so much better than that!

I propose that we enhance this statement by boarding what we say and what we mean.  Doing business amongst Chamber members is great and by all means keep doing it.  Does anyone have an idea at what I’m getting it?  The one “magic” word that can make our businesses boom?  It is very simple, and I know we all do it.  The word is Referrals.

Referrals are the backbone of any business’s growth strategy.  Make customers, clients, patrons, how every you refer to them, happy and “raving fans”, and what does that bring a business?  Of course repeat business, but what do you really want?  Positive word of mouth?  Positive postings on social media?  All good too, but what you really want are your customers to refer family, friends, coworkers, and everyone else they may know to your business.

The multiplying effects of good referrals are amazing.  One very happy customer can tell 5, 10, 20, or more folks about your business.  Those referred folks patronize your business and in turn, tell 5, 10, 20, or more folks.  The numbers get huge very quickly. 

This is not a new concept to any of us.  My businesses have always relied on referrals for our success and growth.  I want us to add the idea of Chamber referrals to our everyday conversations.  The multiple Chamber referral groups do it all the time.  Let’s start thinking of the Chamber as one, great big referral group!

One simple way to start doing this involves your “elevator speech”, your 30 second verbal commercial about you and your business.  At the close of your elevator speech, add this one very powerful sentence:  “And a good referral for me is……”.  Give it a try.  I promise it is not painful or inappropriate at all.

Sharing what is a good referral is for you, plants the seed in one’s mind as to what type of customers you are looking for, and believe you me, it works.  I find it creates a trigger that goes off in my head when I am talking to potential referrals.  I recall more easily your business by thinking of your business’s target customers. 

We all seek referrals from people we know.  For a doctor, a dentist, a car repair shop, a restaurant, etc., the list can go on and on.  We feel much better trying out a business or service when we have received a referral from someone we know and trust. 

In closing, I purpose the following enhanced Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce saying:

            “Chamber members refer and do business with Chamber members”

Lee Bell

President and CEO